The International Council of Ophthalmology Foundation (ICOFoundation) has a commitment to accessibility. We have made every effort to make this Web site accessible to users with different capabilities, particularly those with low vision  or who are blind.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the accessibility of the site, please send them to

This page contains information on accessibility and tips for easier access.

Access keys and how to use them:

Many modern browsers support jumping to specific links or locations that have been defined for a Web site by typing "access keys." On Windows, you press ALT plus an access key; on Macintosh, you press Control plus an access key.

For example, if you press ALT (Control on a Mac) plus the number 1 on any page of this Web site, you will go back to the Home page. (For some browsers, you need to click somewhere on the Web page first for access keys to work. Also, on some browsers, certain access keys work, while others do not.)

All pages on use the following access keys:

Access key 1: Home page

Access key 2: Skip navigation, go to main content

Access key 3: Find: navigation tips, link to Site Map, help

Access key 4: Search: text box for entering the word or phrase to be found

Access key 5: Search Submit (first use access key 4 to enter the word or phrase to be found)

Access key 7: News

Access key 8: Terms and Conditions and Privacy

Access key 9: Contact / Feedback

Access key 0: Accessibility information and list of access keys (this page)

Tab Key

Pressing the Tab key on any page of takes you to the input area of the Search form, where you can enter a word or words you want to find on the site.

Pressing the Tab key a second time selects the "Go" button for the Search form. Either press the “Go” button or "Enter" to search for the words you have entered.

By repeatedly pressing the Tab key, you will select each link on the page, starting with the navigation links on the top of each page and then on the left. If you press enter, you will follow the link selected.

Skip Navigation

For users with screen readers or other navigation tools, there is a link toward the top of each page labeled "Skip Navigation." This allows you to skip over the navigation links and go directly to the start of content.

You can also Skip Navigation by pressing ALT and 2 at the same time (Control and 2 on a Mac).

Search and Other Navigation Aids

In addition to the Search function (access key 4), located in the upper right of each page, the offers a variety of other navigational aids. These include:

  • Advanced Search;
  • A site map, which lists all of the  primary sections and subsections of the site and most individual pages; and
  • Other standardized navigational links at the top, left, right and bottom of each page.

If you have questions or comments regarding this Web site, please contact us at International Council of Ophthalmology Foundation
945 Green Street
San Francisco, CA 94133 USA

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