Growing Need for Eye Care

According to a 2010 survey by the International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO), despite there being over 200,000 ophthalmologists worldwide, there is a current and anticipated future shortfall, which will dramatically impact both high and low-resource countries.
There is a critical lack of ophthalmologists in low-resource countries, and although the number of ophthalmologists in high-resource countries is increasing, the population aged 60+ is growing more than twice as fast as the number of ophthalmologists.
To meet this widening gap between need and supply, it is necessary to aggressively train eye care teams now to alleviate the current and anticipated deficit of ophthalmologists.
Addressing the Need for High-Quality Eye Care
The ICO’s Teach the Teachers program helps ophthalmic educators become better teachers, resulting in more effective educational programs, ophthalmologists, and eye care professionals.  This progressive improvement will, ideally, create better and more accessible eye care systems throughout the world.
The Teach the Teachers program includes the Center for Ophthalmic Educators and a variety of online and hands-on resources for everyone involved in ophthalmic education.  In 2011, the ICO began offering Conferences for Ophthalmic Educators.   Inspired by the ICO’s popular Courses for Residency Program Directors, the Conferences for Ophthalmic Educators are designed for all who are involved in ophthalmic education and are offered each year throughout the world.  

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